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Friday, 6 June 2014

Duke Peterson Found Laser Vision Improvement & Sports 2014

Thinking about excimer laser vision correction, many are afraid that after this procedure, their lives will be constrained by rigid framework limitations. Surprisingly, most of the reason they unsure that they'll have to after forever forget about sports and active lifestyle.
Did you believe that once this gentle vision correction procedure, you have limitations because of which you will not be able to live a full life? In the process of correction of the upper layers of the cornea are not affected, and evaporation beam optically distorted areas comes from the middle classes who have donated corneal tissue.
As a result of such influence of corneal shape acquires optical options, customized for each patient. All the restrictions apply only to the first days after the correction procedure. And mainly concern the hygienic procedures (not recommended to attend sauna and pool, use decorative cosmetics).
Duke Peterson
 Laser vision correction is considered the only way to restore sight to those who experience the maximum load: test pilots, paramedics, mountain climbers, stuntmen, boxers, wrestlers, etc. For example, among the players of the National Hockey League, Olympic champions, tennis players, quite a few of those racers who will forever gained the good eyesight with laser vision correction.
Additional evidence define by Duke Peterson is the fact that more than two years ago, the United States Congress adopted a program on the financing of the laser vision correction for United States Army soldiers. Congressmen decide that glasses do not only spoil the look of the soldier, but also become a hindrance in battle – they may shatter at the worst possible moment and thwart a soldier performing any tasks.
And contact lens in the conditions of service is not practical. Duke Peterson Says that is why the choice fell on the only efficient way-excimer-laser sight correction. Today the Army-wide correction has cost taxpayers 15 million dollars. This figure might seem huge, but it is not surprising – weak or moderate nearsightedness or farsightedness, affected more than 40% of Americans who wish to serve in the army.
For example, only in the ranks of the AIR FORCE vision correction needs 350000 people. In addition to people who have the highest loads and employees of the U.S. Army, many famous actors, singers and musicians have done laser correction and do not regret my decision.

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