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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Skin Under The Eyes

Nestle under my head
Circles under the eyes are the first areas where the lack of sleep effect. The skin here is very thin and fragile blood pigments through it easily shine through.
Crucial role in the development of edema is lymphatic circulation that drains the body of excess water and harmful substances and under the eyes is the day's activity is inhibited.
At that adds up when we sleep. To support it, it is good to use creams or gels with caffeine, which turns off the skin.
When I wake up after a long sleep with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, maybe it's a bug in your sleeping position that prevents proper blood circulation in your face.
When you sleep with his face buried in the pillow, blood vessels are clamped and circulatory system, which has to pay harmful substances and excess fluid is blocked.
In addition, at night pillow warp face as the years and the loss of skin elasticity has bigger problems to return in the morning everything to its original state.
The solution is to learn to sleep on their backs. It is good to put a pillow under your head more: when the head is up, does not hold water in the face and frees you to puffy eyes in the morning.
 Information Posted By: Duke Peterson's Vision without Glasses Review

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