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Thursday, 26 June 2014

How To Save And Protect The Child's Vision

What should parents do in such a difficult situation? How to save and protect the child's vision and help him overcome the psychological barrier to get rid of the complex "four-eyes"? These are the questions that parents would be worth looking for the answer. However, not all that difficult, the ideal way of vision correction contact lenses are children.
For many years, ophthalmologists from around the world constantly argue and confirm that contact lenses are a simple, convenient and effective means of correcting children's vision. Contact lenses for children is able to solve all the problems faced by the child when wearing glasses: lenses eliminate child from wearing glasses, help the child to get rid of the inferiority complex, give him the opportunity to ​lead your vision with an active lifestyle, exercise, attend clubs and competitions.
It is imperative to understand that for a child who has very poor eyesight glasses with thick lenses and bulky rim are the consequence of such insulting remarks as "four-eyes." Typically, after such statements children categorically refuse to wear glasses.
Consequently, for these children contact lenses are a real salvation. In addition it should be noted that contact lenses unlike glasses do not distort the image of the objects and subjects, as well as practically limit the field of view of the child, which in turn allows the eye muscles are constantly at work.

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